Erin Ann Barcellos,

Intuitive Life Coach & Bodyworker


Are you ready to go deep into your transformation & release the old patterns once and for all?

Do you desire to flourishing relationships and health in your body?

What would your life be like if you could be held by a higher power through all of your healing, and come out the other side ready to fulfill your life's mission and live the life of your dreams?


Experience Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy

Imagine getting on the massage table, ready to release pain and a receive some clarity about your life and your wellbeing. 

We start with invoking your guardian angels, and surrender the session fully over to Divine love. The body work is physical, working deeply in your joints and energy field. You can feel all of the tension in your body, as Erin seems to magically find the spots that are hurting. 

Your body tells you why it hurts there. You feel the anger, or see the memory from the past associated with the pain in your hip or back. 

You breathe through it, you embrace it, you feel it.  

Then, you release it. ...You're free.

You complete the session like you've just shed years worth, or maybe even lifetimes worth, of pain. 

You feel clear. You feel able to move forward. You're grateful. 

Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy is a clothing on bodywork session that works deeply with the joints and energy field, supporting you in the mental, emotional and physical healing that you are ready for. Every session is different and is wonderful for profound improvement in joint mobility, releasing physical pain, processing deep emotional pain, healing from past trauma, and increasing clarity, self love and your feeling of being supported by a higher power. Results are most effective when you experience multiple sessions. 

The Quality of Your Life IS Worth the Investment

3 One Hour Sessions ~ Investment ~ $295

6 90 Minute Sessions ~ Investment ~ $179 per month, for 5 Months

Please contact Erin at 530-318-4964 to schedule your appointment.

A Limited Amount of Single Sessions are Available. Ask Erin about the details.


Coming Soon...

Group Angel Reading Parties

Spiritual Life Coaching ~ One On One Sessions

5 Day Retreat in Mount Shasta, California ~ Fall, 2020


Save the Date...

Celebrating a Christ-Like Solstice with Erin Ann Barcellos

Unity at the Lake, Sunday Service

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019


About Erin...

Erin Ann Barcellos has empowered people to create the life of their dreams for over a decade. She has experienced firsthand the miraculous transformation that is available when someone commits to themselves, their dreams and their own healing.

At a young age, Erin was faced with the challenges of overcoming post traumatic stress, which birthed for her a profound understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. She has since devoted herself to her life's mission of service, and has supported thousands of people in deep personal healing, transformation, and dream fulfillment.

Erin is gifted in compassion, tuning into the unspoken needs of others, and inspiring epiphanies and revelations. She works closely with the angelic realm, which opens powerful gateways of healing and possibilities.

Erin is the founder of Supported By Angels Healing Center in South Lake Tahoe and offers Intuitive Bodywork, Life Coaching and Transformational Workshops. She is a Licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop leader, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Master Bodyworker, Holistic Life Coach and a Universal Life Church Ordained Minister.

“I am am deeply honored to serve others in the way that I do. We are all such a gift to this planet, and I have the opportunity to see and highlight the Divinity in those that I work with. To see someone step into their light, heal their pain, and welcome miracles, is a true blessing for us all. Thank you.” ~ Erin Ann Barcellos


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