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Your Current Challenge: A Golden Opportunity

Posted on May 9, 2016 at 11:25 AM

We are all are participants on this journey that we call life, and what a journey it is! Since we have been born into these physical bodies, as an extension of spirit and mother Earth, we are gifted with the opportunity to LIVE, to FEEL, and to CREATE.

Sometimes this gift of life presents us with challenges, that to say the very least, can be uncomfortable, and dis-heartening. Even when life is going really well overall, there is usually a part of our life that may be encompassing a bit of a challenge. Even in the midst of challenges, we have the opportunity to continuously be evolving and growing.

What if your biggest life challenge, as it currently stands, has within it a Golden Opportunity? An opportunity that ends up being the gateway to what your heart has been yearning for. Curious to move THROUGH your challenge and into the Golden Opportunity? Here's how:

1. Reflect

Take the time to go within and explore more in depth, your personal experience within the challenge. What is coming up for you? How do you feel? Is this something that has been presenting itself as a pattern for you? Are you willing to have this challenge turn out to be a success story?

2. Surrender

Now that you are more aware of your own personal experience and have received some new insights regarding the situation, surrender it completely. Take the time to connect with you higher power, and offer this situation over completely to the Divine. The truth is that the universe is on your side and has your best interests at heart. When you surrender the situation over to the higher power, you allow room for miracles and love to take place.

3. Be Open to the Possibilities

When we are in the midst of a challenge, our minds often become determined in seeing only one or a few possible solutions. By being in this head space, it prevents us from being open to other solutions that are possible. After you have surrendered the situation over to the Divine, open your mind and heart, and be open to new possibilities. They will certainly present themselves, and if you remain open, you will find yourself in the experience of the new Golden Opportunity!

4. Take Action

When the Golden Opportunity presents itself, moving forward with it, will require action on your part. You may be required to say “Yes!”. You may be required to move forward with some sort of change. You may be required to hold yourself accountable for thinking, believing and behaving as a new and improved version of you! We all experience challenges in some form or another.

Your current challenge has within it, a Golden Opportunity. This opportunity may just be the coming together of your prolonged heart’s desires. Be open to it, and commit to doing the inner work to get to the breakthrough!

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