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Celebrating Supported By Angels Healing Center
Nov. 2015 - Oct. 2019


A Note From Erin Ann Barcellos, Founder of Supported By Angels

Trust the Winds of Change. You Are Safe.

If you really knew me, you would know that everything I do is based on Divine inspiration. There is a higher power that steers us on the pathway of our lives. It beautifully orchestrates our return to wholeness and our willing transformation into living our fullest expression. Our deepest desires and intentions are there for us to reach for. 

My pathway is unfolding in a new direction, and Supported By Angels  is completing it's chapter as a healing center in South Lake Tahoe. Supported By Angels Healing Center will be closing on October 7th, 2019. 

Supported By Angels wouldn’t have been possible without all of the amazing people that have come in for sessions, classes or workshops, and my deepest gratitude goes out to you! We’ve seen and experienced hearts opening, lives changing, deep connections made, and many MIRACLES!

It has been an absolute honor to have created such a beautiful space and to have shared this journey with so many, and our angels, over the last four years. THANK YOU!

I am thankful to live a life fully inspired by the Divine, and I have finally become the woman I have always wanted to be! This is the result of my healing journey, and it's time for me to serve bigger.

I hope to be graced with your presence at Supported By Angels over the next month. I welcome your visits, emails, phone calls and letters.

SBA Closing FAQ's

I'm so sorry to hear. Erin, are you okay?

Yes! I am okay. Actually, better than ever. The past four years of serving our community through Supported By Angels has been such a blessing to me. I have grown so much. To even begin to touch on the transformation I have experienced is impossible in this short paragraph. Since I was 14 years old, I have dedicated my life to my own healing. The past four years have had some pretty painful experiences that have given birth to the new found woman of who I am. The most profound of these positive experiences happened when I took the Heal Your Life® teacher training in Ireland. Whoa. The Divine has a plan for me, and I keep stepping up to the plate. Closing Supported By Angels is sad, and I wasn’t expecting it, but I am excited for what’s to come. I am a Love warrior, always led by Divine guidance. I have the tools to move through any and all hardships, and I do not consider this change a hardship. The more we surrender into the flow of our life, the more we allow the Divine to carry us to experiences that bestow all of the blessings that we deserve. …. Change is OKAY. Revising your vision is OKAY. Loss is okay, for in it is an opportunity.

Why are you closing Supported By Angels?

My angels told me that I can serve MORE people, and experience the abundance that I desire and deserve by making this shift. I am prioritizing and simplifying. My true passion is leading workshops and speaking to groups. If you have experienced any of my workshops, or talks, you may have witnessed the way that it lights me up more than anything else. You also may have experienced the true transformation that takes place for you, the students, and the audience. I can help more people in the ways that I am truly passionate by focusing in on this. I spent the last few months revising Supported By Angels’ business plan, and truthfully, there ended up being competing goals that I wasn’t expecting. Yeah, there is a “Numbers reality” as a business owner, and the numbers are something we need to take an honest look at when we want to create wellness in all areas of our lives. Supported By Angels as a healing center and physical space requires more of me than I am able to give right now. I wanted to be Super Woman, and do it all, but I can’t. This change is okay for me. I practice what I preach, I surrender into change, and I am ALWAYS driven by, “How can I serve the world.” Letting go of Supported By Angels at this time, allows me to take flight on a higher path, that I have thankfully grown and evolved into. It’s time.

Erin, What are you going to do?

I am making myself available to help even more people in their desire to break free from fear, live a Divinely inspired life, and fulfill their purpose! I will be spending the next year sharing my message through speaking engagements, developing online courses, building an online platform, offering private services through Zoom, and soon to come, destination retreats! The first one, “Heal Your Life and Become Who You Are” will be in Mount Shasta in Fall, 2020. This is what I’ve always wanted to do, and thanks to my personal transformation and growth over the last few years, I am ready!

Erin, Are you staying in Tahoe?

Yes, I am staying in Tahoe. I expect to be traveling quite a bit as things unfold to share my message in other places. I will be available, in Tahoe, for a limited amount of in person sessions after Supported By Angels closes. Please keep my phone number on hand to schedule your sessions. 530-318-4964.

Can I schedule a session with you before you close?

Yes! I am available for sessions at Supported By Angels now through October 5th. Please call me to schedule, or book online.

Are you going to be available for sessions after Supported By Angels closes?

I will be offering a limited amount of in person, Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy Sessions, in South Lake Tahoe on a weekly basis. You can schedule with me directly. I will be offering Angelic Coaching Sessions online, via Zoom, and these sessions can be scheduled online once my new website launches on October 7th.

How can I stay in the loop?
Subscribe to my email list by filling out the for below!  Once Supported By Angels closes, you will be receiving emails from me directly, Erin Ann Barcellos, instead of Supported By Angels. You can also follow me, Erin Ann Barcellos on facebook and Instagram. If you prefer not to stay in the loop, you may unsubscribe from this list.

I can’t make it to the Closing Ceremony on October 6th. How else can I show my gratitude?
Send a card, write a post, or give me a call. I’d love to hear how Supported By Angels Healing Center has touched you.

Trust the process. There is a higher power that guides the process, and when we allow it do so, things turn out better than we expect. Even though it may be different than we expect.

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