Erin Ann Barcellos,

Intuitive Life Coach & Bodyworker


Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)


What Is Holistic Healing?

At the most basic level, holistic healing uses focused integration of the mind, body, spirit and emotions, and works with all of these components to support you in reaching your desired goal of health and wellness. This approach to healing is based upon the premises that all things are connected and your pathway to healing is customized based upon what reveals itself as we take a deeper look into what is really going on. Holistic healing is an inward inquiry. The body will reveal it’s path to healing. All we have to do is follow it.  

Is Supported By Angels a religious center?

Supported By Angels is a holistic center that includes a spiritual approach to life, our classes and services. The spiritual components of our approach are non-denominational and welcome people of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. The basis of our spiritual approach is love. As we learn to open ourselves up to more and more love based experiences, real and deep healing is possible. When exploring to see if our approach is a match for you, we encourage you to keep checking in with yourself and see if this resonates with you.

What does it mean to work with angels?

Angels are beings of love that guide and support us to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives. They serve as intermediaries that connect us to the true source of love. Working with angels is safe, loving and non-denominational. Everyone has guardian angels, and when we consciously invite them into our healing journeys, the results are profound. They offer guidance and healing that helps us to remember who we truly are while encouraging us to make life changes that will lead us to the results that we seek.

Do I have to believe in angels to receive services here?

No. We honor and respect your beliefs and intentions for your sessions. Every session and class is different. You may choose a service where you actively invite your angels to participate, like an angel reading, or you may choose a service that doesn’t, like a massage or life coaching session. 

How often should I come?

It depends on your goals. Our most successful clients and students in their personal goal achievement come regularly. We recognize that consistency and community are two of the most important ingredients to goal achievement sustainability. The more you come, the better your results. We aim to support you in a customized program that fits your desires, needs and budget. Have a conversation with your practitioner or instructor, and we will be able to guide you personally on creating a program that is customized for you.

How do I know if this center is right for me?

Supported By Angels Center for Holistic Healing is committed to providing you with a customized experience that will support you in making positive life changes. We want to support you in achieving greater health in your body, more clarity in your mind, and to achieve an overall greater sense of joy and purpose. Our center is one of a kind in our holistic and spiritual approach, and we encourage you to find the center, services and classes that are truly a match for you. If our philosophies, words and approach resonate with you, then our center is likely a match! If you would like to explore it further, please come to one of our open houses, or just give us a call. We know that choosing to invest in yourself through services and classes is a big step, and we want you to choose the center that is the best match for you.

I am currently seeing a doctor, therapist or other practitioner. Would working with you still be beneficial?

Yes. We encourage you to receive our services in conjunction with the healing work that you are already doing on yourself. This will lead to positive results that will ultimately enhance all areas of your life. Our most successful clients and students are working with doctors, therapists and other practitioners AND coming to us regularly. It is in these cases where healing and transformation occur quite rapidly. Your healing journey is customized to you and you have the opportunity to customize your own healing dream team!

Are your services an alternative to the medical model?

Our services are not an alternative to the medical model. The holistic approach is an approach that includes all avenues to healing as possibilities. That includes the medical approach as an avenue for possible healing, as well as other avenues that the medical model does not include such as diet, movement, energywork, emotional release, healthy mental states, stress management, etc.. All aspects of our life are connected. The most prominent healing ingredient for you may reveal itself in an area of your life that you didn’t expect. The medical model and other traditional approaches have great value and serve a purpose in their time and place. We encourage you to develop a deep connection to your body/mind/spirit, that gives you the ability to hear and honor what it needs. Establishing a deeper connection to your body/mind/spirit is certainly something that we can help you do.

Can you help me to develop my intuition?

Yes. All of our services and classes naturally hold a safe context for your to be in deeper touch with your feelings, desires and needs. We also hold intuitive development classes that will support you in exploring, developing and utilizing your intuition and spiritual connection.