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Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy ~ with Erin Ann Barcellos

This leading edge, holistic bodywork modality will your life for the better. Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy focuses on structural alignment, joint release and energy flow. We work with the muscles, joints, meridians, chakra centers and cellular memory to release trauma, pain and tension, allowing for harmonized flow in all dimensions of your being. This modality is experienced as a clothing on massage, and can help you experience healing breakthroughs physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

6o Minutes   $85      

90 Minutes   $120  

WHOLE Body Massage ~ With Erin Ann Barcellos

Experience a WHOLE Body Massage with Intuitive Life Coach and Bodyworker, Erin Ann Barcellos. This massage experience is customized to meet your body’s needs and works deeply with your muscles, joints, structural alignment and energy field. A massage with Erin blends modalities such as swedish, deep tissue, vibrational healing massage therapy and cranial sacral. Clients rave about Erin’s massage and commonly report that it’s “the best massage they have ever had.”

6o Minutes    $85       

90 Minutes    $120   



Intuitive Readings 

Angel Readings & Intuitive Coaching ~ With Erin Ann Barcellos

You have guardian angels with you at all times and they want to help you overcome the challenges that you are facing. Receive an Angel Reading from intuitive expert Erin Ann Barcellos, and gain clarity, guidance, and support concerning the most important areas in your life. These angel readings are safe, loved based, and help you to awaken your own God given potential within. 

6o Minutes   $85       

90 Minutes   $120   


Energy Work

Dynamic Energy Healing ~ with Jennifer Mieras

This Dynamic Energy Healing can powerfully help you let go of physical and emotional pain and trauma by providing a safe space to receive Divine healing energy and uncover the roots of any problem. As you tap into your innate blue-print of health and heal blocks in your chakras, you are able to successfully let go of guilt, grief, anxiety, fear, physical pain and self-sabotaging behaviors. Give your body, mind and spirit permission to return to it’s natural rhythms of balance and experience deep relaxation. These sessions are fully clothed, and use a combination of ancient energy healing techniques that allow the body’s natural state of well-being to emerge resulting in increased joy, peace, and clarity.

6o Minutes ONLY $65      

For More Energy Work, See Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy above.


Generational Healing

Generational Healing ~ with Crystal Rasmussen

What if you learned that the pain in your back, your knee, the physical weight that you carry or the constant headaches are due to an ancestor's unhealed trauma that your genetics still carry? That would be a revolutionary breakthrough and a relief in understanding where the source of your physical, mental or emotional pain comes from. YOUR ANCESTORS PAST EMOTIONAL PAIN IS STORED WITHIN YOUR DNA

Scientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors affect your physical, emotional and mental behavior and patterns. Trauma experienced by earlier generations can influence the structure of our genes, making them more likely to “switch on” negative responses to stress and trauma.

Crystal Rasmussen is our regular special guest all the way from Montana! Please stay tuned for upcoming dates. Feel free to contact Crystal directly at  406-489-0445.


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