Erin Ann Barcellos,

Intuitive Life Coach & Bodyworker


~The Appreciation Station~

"I found each session with Erin very different and inspirational, leaving me feeling relaxed, comforted and informed. I would recommend anyone to see Erin who truly wants to get in touch with a deeper side of oneself and be open to a wonderful new experience!" - Rachel R., South Lake Tahoe

"I am so grateful for my session with Erin Barcellos. She reminded me that I have wings and that there are endless possibilities open to me when I let myself use them. Thank you! " - Elizabeth B., San Francisco 

"Erin  inspires me with her passion and has deepened my desire for more knowledge in Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy. The course I took with her was an incredible experience and gave me the confidence to take my bodywork practice to the next level! 
She presents the material in a simple and easy to understand format and makes the learning effortless and fun. She is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring for her students. She shows that she is not only a great teacher, but also a great person to call your friend."   - Barbara W., San Francisco 

"Erin has been such a blessing in my life! She got the pain in one session! She really helped me to feel able to go on with my life. I wish her the best of luck in writing her book because I know she has a lot of really wonderful things to say." - Diane, Daly City, CA


Amazing place! Great work & energy. Love this awesome place with these amazing healers.  -Wendy Jones, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Wow! What an amazing place. We, in South Lake, are truly blessed to have a space like this available in our community. I went to the first yoga class offered at the center today, led by Mallory P. The small class allowed us to all connect with one anther as well as with our teacher and to truly make the practice our own. Thanks ladies for creating a safe and nurturing environment where I can push myself to grow! Can't wait for class next Tuesday.  -Stephanie Lentini, South Lake Tahoe, CA