Erin Ann Barcellos,

Intuitive Life Coach & Bodyworker

"Your Vision is the What of your life,
                     Your Mission is the How of your life,
                                            Your Purpose is the Why of Your Life."
                                                                                - Iyanla Vanzant

Supported By Angels 

Vision, Mission & Purpose


Our Vision is to establish communities within the world that function together based off of connection, conscious intention, and peace and harmony. 

We hold the Vision of living in a world where:

~ All people are empowered to reach their full potential

 ~ Have access to tools to become conscious creators of their own lives

~ Experience relationships where love, support and connection are the norms

We believe that all individuals were born with a Divine spark within them. 

It is our Mission and intention to nourish that Divine spark for ourselves and others. 

We support our Mission by actively setting out to:

~ Empower others to reach their fullest potential

~ Offer a space for people to come together in community

~ Support others in making lifestyle adjustments that are in alignment with their desires

The human experience can often be challenging and pain filled. 

We believe that it is totally possible to actively live NOW in the reality of our ideal worlds. It is our purpose to explore that possibility on a regular basis. 

It is our desire and Purpose to:

~ Provide alternatives to suffering, isolation and oppression

 ~ Live in a way that results in inner peace and personal expansion 

~ Re-pattern our daily habits and beliefs so we live our lives from a place of love

Living the life of your dreams is your birthright! 

Do you dare to claim it for YOURSELF and for YOUR life?