Erin Ann Barcellos,

Intuitive Life Coach & Bodyworker


 Erin Ann Barcellos, Intuitive Bodyworker and Life Coach,
Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader, 
Founder of Supported By Angels

Erin Ann Barcellos has empowered people to create the life of their dreams since the age of seventeen. She has experienced firsthand the miraculous transformation that is available when someone commits to themselves,  their dreams and their own healing.

At a young age, Erin was faced with the challenges of overcoming post traumatic stress, which birthed for her a profound understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, as well as a deep desire to thrive in all areas of her life. She has since devoted herself to her life's mission of service, and has supported over a thousand people in deep personal healing, transformation, and dream fulfillment. 

Erin is gifted in compassion, tuning into the unspoken needs of others, and inspiring epiphanies and revelations. She works closely with the angelic realm and ascended masters, which opens powerful gateways of healing and possibilities.

During her sessions, courses and workshops, Erin has witnessed people miraculously heal from physical ailments, gain clarity and direction regarding their most pressing life issues, and experience a significant increase in levels of peace, joy, self- love and harmonious relationships. Erin inspires individuals to tap into and express their own Divine essence and empowers them in their journey of healing and dream fulfillment. 

Erin  is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Master Bodyworker and Holistic Life Coach. She received her Angel Therapy Practitioner® certification from Doreen Virtue, PH.D in Kona, Hawaii in 2008.   She went on to study at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in San Francisco, CA where she received her certifications as Master Bodyworker and Holistic Life Coach. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology from Lake Tahoe Community College and is California state certified as a Massage Therpist (#3111). 

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Loretta Holton, Grief Recovery Specialist®, Angel Therapy Practitioner® 

Loretta Holton’s passion is to empower and support others in healing at their deepest levels. Her ancient intuitive wisdom brings her closer to the gifts of the spirit, and orchestrates her life’s work of uplifting individuals from deep pain and loss. She believes that we all have a story, and in order for us to really connect, grow, and heal, we must dig to the deep levels of our pain, and allow the love to emerge. 

Loretta has always believed in life after death. In 1997 Loretta’s oldest son, Adam, passed away at seventeen years of age. Her thirst for spiritual knowledge seeking the greater truth made it easier to bear this traumatic loss and has opened a powerful pathway of helping others to heal. 

Loretta is a natural healer with a clear and powerful connection to a place most of us long to know better. She brings us out of our logical minds and into our hearts, where we find a more gentle understanding of loss. Her compassionate nature and authentic view on life creates a safe place for others to go deep within, transform the pain of loss into love, and open to a spiritual connection that leads to miracles.

Loretta is a Certified Grief and Recovery Specialist, Angel Therapy Practitioner®,  Reiki Master and Spiritual Medium. She is the author of the book, “The Journey of Expansion: A Mother’s Journey from Loss to Eternal Love”, “Messages from Spirit” empathy cards, and the forthcoming book, “Loss is the Bridge to Love”. In addition, Loretta emphasizes health and nutrition as an avenue to healing and wellness. She empowers others to be committed wellness by taking excellent care of our body, minds, souls and hearts. 


Grief Recovery Method®


Crystal Rasmussen, Generational Healer™ and Spiritual Guide

Crystal Rasmussen, a professionally trained and certified Generational Healer™ and Spiritual Guide, clears past generational trauma and wounds in her clients. She uses an ancient healing technique that releases pain and suffering stored within the DNA memory to achieve her results.

Every family holds pain, sadness, and guilt in their family generational history that often robs family members from living a full life. Releasing these inherited patterns so her clients can lead more complete lives is an essential part of Crystal’s goals. As a truth seeker she uncovers and heals the root causes contributing to emotional pain, fear and disharmony within the mind and body. Once freed from this discord, clients can experience the happiness that comes from living a life of freedom and empowerment.

Crystal’s own journey to freedom began with her understanding of how fear controlled her life. At times she felt disconnected, uncertain, confused, disempowered, and filled with doubt. Her outer world reflected these uncertainties through lack of direction, co-dependent relationships, and limiting herself to what she thought she could achieve. Her breakthrough occurred when she began her own journey through apprenticeship trainings at Soul Therapy School® with her mentor. This training taught her self-love, led her to discovering her own truths and awakened her intuitive gifts. She reconnected to her own soul’s wisdom bringing her back to wholeness, presence and freedom.

Through her personal experiences and training, Crystal now commits herself to supporting others in discovering their own truths and in assisting her clients to shake off the patterns from the past, awaken their own spirituality, and learn to lead a fulfilled life.

When not working with clients or communing with the unseen, Crystal travels to sacred sites around the world. She shares her Generational Healing™ expertise in other communities across Montana, North Dakota, Colorado and California. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her horse, admiring the beauty she finds in the badlands and wide-open spaces of eastern Montana where she grew up and currently resides, nature walks, puppy snuggles, morning coffee on the deck with a journal in hand, and quiet evenings with her loved ones.

Are you ready to experience freedom from pain and suffering you inherently carry and experience since the moment of birth? I invite you to book a Generational Healing™ session!  


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Jennifer Mieras, Energy Healer

Jennifer Mieras has deep commitment to her own healing and growth that is fueled by her passion to help heal the world. While reading “How Yoga Works” in 2009, Jennifer was introduced to the concept of becoming enlightened for the benefit of all beings, in all Universes. This spoke to her deeply and gave her the first sense of purpose in life.

Jennifer dove deeply into her healing and spiritual growth process when she began to study with her teachers, Marty and Amrito Cross of South Lake Tahoe. In working diligently with them for the last decade, she has learned profound healing tools in a way of holding energetic space, the ability to receive accurate intuitive guidance, and many ways to work with energy for the purpose of healing. As she continues to take the spiritual development classes with Marty and Amrito, she is actively expanding her skill-set, while simultaneously stepping more deeply into the integrated and embodied presence of love that she came to this planet to be. 

Jennifer’s strength is her ability to be present and listen deeply to others. She holds a profoundly loving and safe space for her clients to be open and vulnerable. In addition to her 10 year practice of spiritual development classes, she has received levels one and two Reiki attunement in 2014. She works closely with Mother Mary and Quan Yin energy, offering great love and compassion that allows people to feel held and peaceful.


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Gabriela Caruso, Lifestyle Medicine Coach


Gabriela serves as a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach and Personal Trainer.

She became a Personal Trainer in Argentina, in the year 2000, and brought together her passion for music, dance, fitness, and health.

She has designed a detox program just for you, offers fitness classes, and will assist you on your detox journey